MEET GRACE: Be Aware & Bring Awareness


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Meet Grace Sekaya: she learned of a problem, stepped away from the statistics, and began working to help change them. 


How did you first learn of the trafficking problems in our country?


It was 2015. I had the honor of attending a Kari Jobe/ Christine Caine concert near my home town. That night, I was introduced to A21 which is a non-profit organization that aides against the fight of human trafficking & one that’s main goal is to eradicate modern day slavery.

What led you to take action and raise money to help end trafficking in the U.S.? 


One of my favorite quotes is by William Wilberforce which states, “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say you did not know.”

In 2016, Alabama Youth Ministries hosted Youth Convention which I attended. The youth department supports and aides with Speed the Light, an organization that provides vehicles, sound systems, video equipment, and etc. to missionaries across the world. That year, they decided to partner with F.R.E.E International which exists until modern day slavery no longer exists! This organization works to abolish sex and labor trafficking primarily in the U.S. with innovative collaborations through public and private partnerships. There are an estimated 2,795 human trafficking cases reported in the U.S. alone last year. There were 11,001 calls reporting human trafficking in 2015. Also, 2,085 cases of sex trafficking this year in the U.S. These numbers are staggering, and each number represents a human who is in bondage. In that moment, I had to step away from the statistics and begin to figure out ways to change them.


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What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about this problem our country is facing? 


One thing I wish everyone knew about this is that slavery has not been eradicated. The land of the free is still the land of bondage for many boys and girls. There are many approaches that one can take to fight against it. You can begin to educate yourself on this problem, volunteer and support trafficking efforts in your community, donate to national organizations like A21 & IJM, and etc.



What’s one misconception you find many people have about trafficking? 


Many individuals may believe that human trafficking is a “third world problem”, but it is actually knocking on the door of the U.S. in this very moment.


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What advice do you have for someone who feels called to take action against human trafficking  but isn’t sure where to start? 


My advice for someone who wants to speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves is to be aware and bring awareness simultaneously. This topic has lingered in the dark for too long and must be brought to the light!




Instagram/ IJM/ Free International




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