MEET SARAH LAURIE: Overwhelmed with Love




MEET SARAH LAURIE: she had given up on going back to the land she loves, felt a call out of frustration, and found her heart overwhelmed with love. 



What led you to Guatemala?


I was led to Guatemala when I was in middle school. My grandma wanted to take me on a foreign mission trip, and she knew that the one to Agua Viva was great for younger people, so she decided that’s where we would go. After that year, through several different rule changes, I wasn’t able to go back because of my age. I got pretty frustrated and kind of gave up on going back.

When I got to college freshmen year, people were talking horribly about missions and how pointless it is, and I got so upset because I just knew that God was working in lives all over the world because of missions. That day, I went to my church and said “I’m going to Agua Viva this year”, and sure enough I did! And I have been back ever since.



Was serving in a third world country what you thought it would be? How so? 


Since I was young the first time I went, I don’t really remember an expectation then. But I know in the 6 year gap, I formed a new expectation even though I had been there before that it was going to be a bunch of sad, impoverished kids. But oh my goodness. When I got there, I was so completely overwhelmed with love. I had been sponsoring a little guy since I went the first time but, long story short, I had never met him. The first day I was there I completely fell in love with him. The kids at Agua Viva are so full of love and the joy of the Lord and I wasn’t expecting that.






How did you serve while you were there? 


We did a few things while we were at Agua Viva. We did minor construction work, like painting different rooms, yard work, sanding and spray painting the houses’ couches, scraping old paint off of windows, etc. But the coolest thing we do is hold a middle school camp off campus for all of the middle school children in the home and school. They get to go off campus and be normal kids, worship, learn more about Jesus, and fellowship together. It’s a big deal and it’s such a blessing to be able to host that for them!



What’s what one you saw the Lord at work while in Guatemala? 


The biggest way that I saw the Lord work is that I was so scared going when I started going in college because I didn’t speak Spanish and I didn’t think I was going to be able to connect with any kids or have any relationship with them at all. BUT GOD. God revealed to me early on and so clearly that love goes far beyond languages barriers. Love doesn’t speak a language and neither does God. It is so cool to see the way anybody can love and play with kids even if you speak completely different languages. We are able to play and run and love just like we have been best friends forever.






What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about serving others?


I wish other people realized what a blessing it is to serve other people. You never know how blessed you are until you are able to serve someone that has a little less than you. Getting to meet and love new people is such a blessing.





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