MEET ANNA-KATE: With Fresh Eyes


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MEET ANNA-KATE MARCUM: she took a break from designing to go, serve, and see and was reminded that today’s church is very much alive.


 So you work for Fund the Nations as a designer, but this was your first time using them to fundraise for a mission trip. What did you learn through fundraising for your trip?

I think you’re able to fundraise to a way larger pool of people when they’re able to receive something in return for their giving. I had people I hardly knew buying shirts from me because they saw the shirt on social media and liked the design!


How did you work to prepare to serve overseas? 

I had just finished a 9-month long discipleship program that helped equip me in leading a discipleship conference while overseas! My team of 12 was broken into smaller teams of 3, and we met regularly for months leading up to the trip, studying and practicing the talks we gave at the conference.





How did the Lord help you overcome your fears of traveling with a group you didn’t know very well? 

I’m pretty extroverted and love meeting new people so going with a group I didn’t know well was all part of the adventure for me! The team was pretty diverse, so one of my main prayers while I was out there was for us all to mesh well together, and it was definitely answered!



In what ways has going and serving changed your perspective since returning home?

We visited several holy sites on the trip and while it was awesome to see places Jesus walked and lived out his ministry, I was constantly reminded that the church today is more alive than any historical site I saw out in the middle east. I feel like I’m reading my Bible with fresh eyes now, being able to better visualize places mentioned, but also still feel like I saw more clearly who Jesus is through my team members and the people I met!




What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about serving others?

Serving requires a constant awareness and intentionality of sacrificing your own needs for the betterment of others. Sometimes I feel like that’s hard to remember from day to day but being busy/tired seems to amplify it. I would highly recommend taking time everyday to ask the Lord to open your eyes to see people as he does! It’s all through the power of the Holy Spirit!





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