MEET MADISON: Listen & Obey



MEET MADISON JOHNSON: she gave her best yes and learned that we draw nearest to Him when serving others. 


How did the Lord call your heart to India?

The Lord definitely works in incredible ways, especially the day he called me to India. It was my first year in college, and I had just been to Costa Rica the past summer, so I had no intentions on going on another mission trip soon. When I was told about the trip and asked to go, my first thought was no way; there is no way I could ever afford this while I’m in college, no job, and only five months to prepare. After that, God kept showing me that I need to go to India. I prayed on it and tried so hard to push it away, but then one day I stopped running and listened to God.

What did serving in an orphanage teach you about the Lord’s call to care for the orphan? 

Serving in an orphanage taught me so much about the Lord’s call to care for the orphans. Most children in orphanages have no family left or they aren’t stable enough to care for them. It is sad to think about from here in the United States, but traveling there and seeing their smiling faces and love for God makes me feel good about where they are at. God is the Father of the fatherless, and these children serve Him every single day. The Lord calls all of His people to care for the orphans, and that’s exactly what we do. Serving in an orphanage makes your faith stronger, and these kids bless you way more than we bless them in my opinion.

IMG_8725 copy

What is one thing from your time in India that you hope to never forget? 

One thing I hope to never forget about India is the simplicity I feel when I’m there. The area we go to is so peaceful and humble. Most are so strong in their faith and worship Him even though they have almost nothing. I never want to forget the feeling of being with the kids, growing relationships, or learning from them. In this part of India, their whole world is about worshiping the Lord and then comes work or leisure. But most people in other areas are the opposite; work comes first then they worship the Lord when they have time. I hope I will always remember their simple way of life and dedicating everyday to serving God first.

How did serving internationally change you long-term?

I’ve been serving internationally since I was in the 5th grade and I’ve been on 4 international mission trips but didn’t truly understand how much it changed me until India. Growing relationships with individuals that speak a different relationship is difficult but when you share a love for God, it’s so easy. It made me realize that language is no barrier. It also showed me that I can be the change the world needs by serving in other countries. There’s something about serving internationally that blesses you and also puts a fire in your soul to become closer to God.

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If you could tell the world one thing about serving internationally,

what would you say?

If I could tell the world one thing about serving internationally, I would say GO. If the Lord speaks to you about going on a mission trip across the world, listen to Him and obey. Look past your fears of flying, different food, or comfort zone because once you land in another country, all of those fears go away. Missions is the best thing that ever happened to me and is my calling in life, just like everyone has their own purpose. Short term missions or long term missions both will change your life for the good. If He speaks, you listen and obey.




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