MEET KAYLA: Serve Others

  MEET KAYLA MEIER: she used her heart for education to meet a need overseas and learned that some good-byes are worth the risk.      How did you first become interested in missions? I became seriously interested in missions during the summer of 2017. It was the third summer I traveled to Romania for... Continue Reading →


MEET EMILY: They Stepped Up to Support

    MEET EMILY OAKLEY: when she saw a need for her nephew, she wanted to help, and in doing so, she realized that strength that comes from community.  What led you to fundraise? Ethan turns 10 years old this spring! He was diagnosed with autism before age 2 and it’s hard to believe we’ve... Continue Reading →

MEET BAILEE: Desperate to Worship

    MEET BAILEE FORD: she felt the urge to go, traveled a country she knew little about, and learned the value of a story.    What led you to want to go to Kosovo? Our school sponsored 5 different mission trips for this school year and advertised them at a school wide chapel service.... Continue Reading →

MEET JENNA: Under the Sea

  MEET JENNA TWAIT: after experiencing a tragedy at a young age, she learned to live life to the fullest and not live a life of fear, which ultimately lead her to serve overseas under the sea .    How did you first become interested in scuba diving? I first became interested in scuba diving... Continue Reading →

MEET TIA: He Hears Us

  MEET TIA JENKINS: she said yes to the Lord's call to respiratory therapy, followed Him to Haiti, and learned that you can be a servant in everything you do.      What led you to pursue respiratory therapy? After high school, 10 years ago, I didn't feel called to do anything, and for almost... Continue Reading →

MEET ANNA-KATE: With Fresh Eyes

    MEET ANNA-KATE MARCUM: she took a break from designing to go, serve, and see and was reminded that today's church is very much alive.    So you work for Fund the Nations as a designer, but this was your first time using them to fundraise for a mission trip. What did you learn... Continue Reading →

MEET ASPEN: That is Bravery

    MEET ASPEN MEDLEY: she headed to Greece, learned that our plans aren't always God's plans, and discovered she could hear Him in a whisper.    What made you decide to go to Greece? So, I actually thought God would call me to Thailand since I do a lot of work with Anti-Human Trafficking.... Continue Reading →

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