MEET MARIA: Follow Your Heart Beat

  MEET MARIA KAYONDO: she moved to America, met the Lord, and has an overwhelming desire to spend her days serving.    What led you to say yes to your first mission trip? So I am from Uganda, Africa, and have lived in the US for 6 years. I just graduated college in May. Honestly... Continue Reading →

MEET REBEKAH: All Things are Possible

  MEET REBEKAH MILLER: the premature birth of her son led to a life opened her eyes to life in the NICU and planted in her a desire to serve others.    You son, Judah was born at just twenty-five weeks into your pregnancy. Can you share some of your initial thoughts and concerns about... Continue Reading →

MEET KAYLA: Serve Others

  MEET KAYLA MEIER: she used her heart for education to meet a need overseas and learned that some good-byes are worth the risk.      How did you first become interested in missions? I became seriously interested in missions during the summer of 2017. It was the third summer I traveled to Romania for... Continue Reading →

MEET BAILEE: Desperate to Worship

    MEET BAILEE FORD: she felt the urge to go, traveled a country she knew little about, and learned the value of a story.    What led you to want to go to Kosovo? Our school sponsored 5 different mission trips for this school year and advertised them at a school wide chapel service.... Continue Reading →

MEET JENNA: Under the Sea

  MEET JENNA TWAIT: after experiencing a tragedy at a young age, she learned to live life to the fullest and not live a life of fear, which ultimately lead her to serve overseas under the sea .    How did you first become interested in scuba diving? I first became interested in scuba diving... Continue Reading →

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