MEET MEGAN: Putting Your Passion to Work

    MEET MEGAN PARROTT: she sought an opportunity to serve and learned that true joy comes in the pursuit of service.    What made you decide to go to Malawi?   I have always had a desire to go to another country and serve others, no matter what capacity that might be. Every few... Continue Reading →


MEET KATIE: No Place for Fear

  MEET KATIE HINSETH: she stepped out of her comfort zone, sought comfort in the  Lord, and found her worldview changed for the better.    What did you learn through fundraising for your trip to Kenya? God called me to go to Kenya about a month and a half before the trip. I had no idea... Continue Reading →

MEET SHANNON: Enter into the Mess

    MEET SHANNON HOEY: she gave a bold yes, spent her summers serving, & learned that serving others is gift.    What led you to decide to spend your summers interning? Truthfully, I think it was 100% a God thing. Student ministry was something I always thought looked fun, but I thought I didn’t... Continue Reading →


  MEET RACHEL ORENDER: she followed her heart and learned that true joy comes from the Lord.      How did you feel the Lord calling you to Guatemala?  I've always had a heart for missions, but I had been to Guatemala the summer before and felt very much at home and at peace while... Continue Reading →

MEET MAKAEHLA: We Long to Belong

    MEET MAKAEHLA DEMBS: being born into a mutiethnic family, she expanded her world view, made a commitment to serve, and longs to look more like love every day!   What made you decide to go on your first mission trip?       It’s safe to say that have been wandering the world as... Continue Reading →


  MEET KEMPSEYANN BARNETT: she had a second chance to serve, was all in this go-round, and found her world view forever changed.      What led you to serve in Mexico?   I was a sophomore in high school when I went to Mexico for the first time. I'm not really sure what my motivation... Continue Reading →

MEET BETHANY: The Pain was Real

    MEET BETHANY WILSON: after being diagnosed with a rare illness in high school, she found her faith tested, learned to trust herself, and came to know the Lord in a way she never had before.    How were you diagnosed with POTS?  My journey began the summer of my sophomore year of high... Continue Reading →

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