MEET HANNAH: Evidence of His Love

  MEET HANNAH MCLELLAND: committing to full-time ministry has shown her the undeniable love of Christ.    How did the Lord call you to be a missionary?   I was sure of my call to the mission field in November of 2016 while on the ground in a rural community about an hour outside of... Continue Reading →


  MEET MELISSA LINDSEY: after longing for a child, she and her husband felt called to grow their family through adoption and learned that there is peace found in trusting His timing.    How did the Lord first call you and your husband to adoption?  My husband and I  have been married since 2014. Our... Continue Reading →

MEET KALI: Lean Into Him

    MEET KALI RUNIONS: she went willing, spent her summer serving, and learned the important of drawing near to Him.    How did you get connected with the Baptist Friendship House? I heard about the mission trip through the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board. They were offering college students the opportunity to serve during the... Continue Reading →

MEET MADISON: Listen & Obey

  MEET MADISON JOHNSON: she gave her best yes and learned that we draw nearest to Him when serving others.    How did the Lord call your heart to India? The Lord definitely works in incredible ways, especially the day he called me to India. It was my first year in college, and I had... Continue Reading →

MEET LAURA: Overwhelming Joy

  MEET LAURA HATCHER: she gave her best yes and learned that there is joy in taking time to simply enjoy the gift of fellowship.    How did the Lord call your heart to the Dominican Republic? For me the call to the Dominican Republic was one due to my family. I have immediate family... Continue Reading →

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